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American Sentences
Organic Poetry


Literary Paradigm Shift at a Glance (with props to Matthew Fox)


          1.            Modern Era                                                                                                                     Postmodern and beyond

          2.            New Formalism/Free Verse                                                                                  Organic

          3.            Grants/awards/book sales (outside validation)             Joy in Process (anything else, icing)

          4.            Revision                                                                                                             PREvision (& scrupulous attention to the moment)

          5.            Short separate poems                                           Lifetime perfecting a Serial poem (The Holy Forest, Mu, etc.)

          6.            Poet as author                                                                                                       Poet as gift recipient

          7.            Poet brain                                                                                                                                Non-local mind

          8.            Theory                                                                                                  Experience first, theory afterward (Theory as Cosmology)

          9.            Determined form/subject/method                                                                           Form as revelation of content

      10.            Writer’s block                                                                                                              Incubation period

      11.            Universe as Machine                                                                                               Universe as Organism

      12.            Concern for accessibility                                                                                               Courage in trusting ear’s non-logical leaps

      13.            Anthropocentric                                                                                                                                    Noospheric

      14.            Logical/Linear/Clever/Ironic                                                                                  Mythic

      15.            Eliot                                                                                                                                                              Olson

      16.            Poet as Embalmer                                                                                                                                                      Poet as Time Mechanic

      17.            Patriarchal, Hierarchical, Separate                                                                                                Interconnected

      18.            Pursuit of Knowledge                                                                      Pursuit of Negative Capability

      19.            Competition/Domination                                                                                                           Partnership

      20.            Art of networking/positioning/self-promotion             vs.         Fully absorbed in refining the gesture, amigos emerge

      21.            The universe is made of Thing                                                        Universe is made of Occasions of Experience


peN – 12.5.08