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Organic Poetry
Friday Harbor Library Workshop, Saturday, April 4, 2009

Keeping Your Hand (Foot, Spleen) In It Poetry Workshop

Thursday, July 16, 2009: Week Two



Week One Outline

Week Two Outline

Week Three Outline


  • Thoughts, Questions, Comments About Last Week or the Assignment. I had a private session with a participant before class this week and have set one up for next week. There is an opening before class on the 30th and the offer is good into September, even though the class ends on the 30th.



§         Jerome Rothenberg on Process of Lorca Variations. (sound)


§         Read Rothenberg’s 2nd NY Poem. (Some copies for participants.)


§         1st Exercise: Grid: (handout)


§         2nd Exercise: Sei Shonagon List Exercise (handout)


§         Anne Waldman & Andrew Schelling – American Sentences: (sound) (Also see: and


§         3rd Exercise: American Sentences: (handout)


  • 4th Exercise: Exquisite Corpse: (handout)


  • Homework Assignment: Phrase Acrostic exercise based on the poem you just wrote, or a phrase you get from another poem, or a famous phrase. Write five of them and type the best one up. (You should be typing all your poems from this class. (Handout)


  • Also, begin to think about that project that will define you as a poet. Rothenberg is well known in New American/Post-Modern Poetry circles for his work in ethnopoetics, his anthologies – the best of which may be Poems for the Millennium and for translation work, but The Lorca Variations is a worthy effort and you may find a different poem from whom you can vamp[1]. Something you can do daily, or at least weekly. The August Poetry Postcard Project is another example.


[1] Jazz. to improvise an accompaniment, tune, etc.