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American Sentences
Organic Poetry

Dusk's Transition


Daylight leaks out the September afternoon with

us under the benevolent canopy of cedar and oak

shading the day’s last rays. The time of passage can be scented with peril but the

kingfisher simply escorts intruders out of the feeding grounds

scolding all the way. We watch


the cat pounce in the backyard and feel warmth on our faces as

rays find spaces between leaves

as if the sun itself conspired to arrange the dust of the late after

noon sky in order to please your eye or amplify the

simple pleasure of your hand in mine.

I can not ask for anything more then the memory of this moment

the urge that wills


out of earth & ancient rock to become the

numinous light reflected in the laughing eye of your smiling mind.


12:14PM - 09.09.05