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Founded December 14, 1993, Global Voices Radio is the non-profit umbrella for community and consciousness projects facilitated by Writer/Teacher/Broadcaster, Paul Nelson. For over eleven years, first as It Plays in Peoria Productions and between March and September 2004 as Global Voices Radio, we syndicated a weekly Public Affairs radio program on Whole Systems approaches, featuring guests such as: Rupert Sheldrake, Riane Eisler, Father Matthew Fox, Anne Waldman, Loretta Napoleoni, Christopher Hansard, Jean Houston, Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange, James O'Dea of IoNS, pets Michael McClure, Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, George Bowering, Eileen Myles, Wanda Coleman, Ethelbert Miller, and hundreds of other insightful authors, activists and modern day prophets.

In September 2004, we suspended regular production and syndication of the weekly program to focus on our other projects: Auburn Community Radio and The Northwest SPokenword LAB. By August 2006, we had turned over ACR to the city of Auburn and the local literary arts series administered by SPLAB! evolved into the spin-off group known as the Striped Water Poets.

Name Change

On March 8, 2010, the Global Voices Radio Board of Directors voted to change the organization's name to SPokenword LAB (SPLAB) and retain Global Voices Radio as a dba. SPLAB is an intergenerational writing Performance, Resource and Outreach center based in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle in the Rainier Valley. Details on current programs and some history is at SPLAB.


SPLAB is an intergenerational writing Performance, Resource and Outreach Center, dedicated to Poetry, Story-Telling, Conversation, Debate, Consciousness and Building Community through shared experience of the spoken and written word.

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